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Women's Health

We are ready to provide the ObGyn care and compassionate support that patients of all ages need. Our expert staff are committed to addressing all of the unique needs women may have by working collaboratively to provide coordinated and comprehensive care.  To ensure we support patients fully, we offer  maternal fetal medicine, prenatal/GYN care, social work, sonography, and in-house laboratory services.  We try to do everything we can to support the patient, including having an in-house surgical scheduler, a prevention care specialist (who keeps track of screenings such as PAP smears, Color guards, and mammograms), and a Licensed RN for Care Management (who follows up and educates GDM, Hypertension, ectopic/ molar pregnancies and abnormal breast imaging results).    

Monday | 8am-5pm

Tuesday | 8am-5pm

Wednesday | 8am-5pm

Thursday |8am-5pm

Friday | 8am-4pm

Saturday | CLOSED

Sunday | 9am-5pm (phone only)

Visit our Patient Portal

As a valued patient, you have convenient 24-hour access to your personal health information. Using a secure username and password, you can view your health information from any desktop or mobile device.

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