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Great healthcare can only exist with great people…who care.


At Aizer, we put people first. 

We believe that a truly successful organization cares for its people (staff and patients). We also believe that successful organizations are self-aware, and know what it takes to thrive. With over 20 years of experience, we have learned that effective members of the Aizer culture answer “YES” to these 5 questions. 

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Do you like to work in a fast paced environment?

We have a large and ever-growing patient population and we continually try to meet their needs.

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Do you like to grow and improve?

We want to be better tomorrow than we were today. Our environment is designed for people who work hard to improve.

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Do you like to nurture strong relationships? 
We are committed to a team-based approach to care and partnering if we want to achieve success with our patients.  


Do you work well with “unknowns”?

We can’t prepare for every eventuality in healthcare, but we can move and adjust to succeed in a fluid environment.  

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Do you honor separate realities?

Our team respects the culture of the patients we care for so we can reduce barriers and increase our chances of creating positive outcomes. 

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Our team is growing! Check out our latest job openings.

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Our patient best represented what we strive for:

“Aizer staff members are incredibly down to earth people. They don't just come in and complete their tasks; they really care and take care of you. You really feel like they care.”



Emely Espinosa started as a Patient Services Specialist in Women’s Health. She quickly became the Team Lead, where she developed four future managers. Inspired by the care she witnessed at Aizer, Emely went back to nursing school. Upon graduation, she became an integral part of the clinical team, first as a nurse in Women's Health, and now as a Team Lead with Internal Medicine. Emely epitomizes growth; growing herself, her colleagues, and the services Aizer can provide. 

Emely Espinosa  |  Nursing Team Lead


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