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Our mission is to change the health of our community,
one interaction at a time.



We put patients first.

Committed to compassionate, integrated, and skilled care with every interaction.

We are powered by our community.

Discovering the best path forward through communication, clarity, and culture.

We are driven by collaboration.

Dedicated team partnering to learn, grow, and care for patients, and each other.

We empower success.

Unlocking a brighter future, together.

We nurture growth.

Ensuring that we support the growth of our community, our teams, and our individual staff.

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As the center has grown, expanded, and been renamed, one thing has never changed:
we exist to help.

We want all of our patients to know that’s why we are here; we want all of our staff to have a helpful mindset when they come to work; we want all of our growth and development to increase our ability to serve, support, and of course, HELP.

Aizer Health continues to add staff, specialties, and space to care for you.


patients visit annually


square feet of clinical & administrative space



Hasidic Jews


The community we serve has grown from over 8,000 people when we opened in 1995 to over 40,000 people today.

It is estimated that this number will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years and Aizer wants to be able to help support and improve the health of the village by providing expert care designed for everyone in the community.  We know that the privilege of caring for this community can only be maintained and enhanced if our organizational culture is strong and focused.

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For over 25 years,

Aizer Health (formerly Ezras Choilim Health Center) has worked tirelessly to support the people of Kiryas Joel and the surrounding areas. While we continue to grow, evolve, and expand, our focus is unwavering—help improve the lives of the people we serve.

Ezras Choilim Health Center (ECHC) opened as a Diagnostic and Treatment Center under an Article 28 provision of the New York State Health Code with the mission of serving the people of Kiryas Joel and surrounding areas.

We deeply appreciate the privilege of supporting the people of our community, ​

on their life journey, whatever path that may take. We know that to do this effectively we have to pair the very best in clinical performance with the highest levels of human interaction.  We also believe that the only way to fully serve a community is through partnership (with patients and staff) that will fuel growth. We commit to doing our best today, knowing that we will need to be even better tomorrow.  

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This Health Center receives HHS funding and has Federal PHS deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.

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